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mhelpst.jpg (28820 bytes)    Tricia Larkin started her wedding day preparations at an Upper East side salon.She and her sister, Mary,had their hair coifured and make-up applied.
  They cabbed it back to her
apartment, ate lunch, and donned their dresses. She wore a tiara, mink stole, and long white gloves. She awaited her carriage, not a pumpkin, but a long, sleek limo.
  And by the end of the (ball) reception, she had truly fulfilled the "Triciarella" story by losing a glove, not a glass slipper, and finding a prince of a husband named John.

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RapnHelpsB.JPG (23838 bytes) Bob Tartaglia thought he and his groomsmen might play around ofgolf or go to a bar to shoot some pool the morning of his wedding day.The weather was rainy, the course was closed, and the concierge didn't know where to suggest a game of billiards.
  The compromise -- all "Da Boyz" gathered at the Gideon Putnam bar to pour back a few brews, get a glimpse of The Masters on TV and receive monogrammed decanters from Bob.
   Several empties later, they headed to the Tartaglia's house
to tighten their cumberbums and
shorten their braces before getting to the church on time.

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