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  • The personalized setting captures more natural, journalistic and artistically styled images—            “Turning Moments into Art”.
  • Approximately 3-5 rolls of traditional black-and-white film are shot.

  • Tangible (no CD to install), 4x6, watermarked proofs are provided for selection purposes and creating piles of favorites.

  • A 17”x 22” archival composite print (click to view PETrait composite samples) consisting of 5-10 images from the session is created.  Some of the photos remain b&w, others are hand-painted, toned and/or duo toned to create the fine art collage.


PETraits - The frolicking session takes place in the “bark” yard, nearby park or location of your choosing.  Fetching, romping, rolling and chasing are all encouraged.  Off-leash is a must and sitting is NOT required.

Just Kidz - Playing with kids at the beach, playground, or on their own turf—lets kids be kids.  Giggling, running, swinging, and climbing are fun and bring out the best smiles, real emotions and naturally styled pictures.

Family Tree - All kinds of spontaneous moments and family connections are captured in a very unobtrusive and natural style.  The photographs produce “Day in the Life” vignettes, various family combinations (solo, siblings and the entire family) taken in a personalized setting. 

Tree Rings – This service is contracted for those “special firsts” (taking off the training wheels and riding solo, losing a tooth, heading to kindergarten or sleep away camp, learning to drive, etc.)
and “once-in-a-life time days” (family reunions & BBQs, championship games, May Pole Day, fly fishing on Father’s Day, brunch on Mother’s Day, engagement cocktails, graduations, or any other important life


celebrating event).  In essence, becomes your personal family photographer of record, allowing for more intimate moments to be captured on a yearly basis.

BRIDEssence – Scheduling a bridal portrait before or after the big day creates exquisite fine art imagery in a much more relaxed mode.  The session is not hampered by any time constraints from the hustle and bustle of the actual wedding day.  The bride is more carefree, comfortable and able to collaborate—creating something truly magical to remember!

BEFORE the wedding day… hair, make-up and a final fitting of the bridal gown is usually scheduled one to two weeks ahead of the wedding date providing an ideal day to create   romantic images.

AFTER the wedding and honeymoon are over... the gown is usually whisked off to be cleaned, boxed and put away.  Why not schedule a “trash the dress” day?  Indulge yourself one more time to savor the beauty of the dress you chose and float in a canoe, walk through a field, sit on a swing, roll down a hill, etc.  No more worries of dirt, coffee stains or watermarks to consider—create something romantic, beautiful and timeless!!

Property Scapes - This shoot takes place on your property, farm or land of your choosing.  A session starts with surveying the land and getting acquainted with the topography and points of special interest.  A collection of 10 landscapes are toned and printed as a boxed set of note cards.  From this original grouping, the client chooses three images to be hand-painted by the artist.  Each image is signed, titled and numbered in pencil by the artist.  The results are museum quality.

Editorial – Available for assignment work worldwide.  Please call or e-mail to discuss your project and photographic needs.




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