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“AlphaPET Zoup A to Z” is a great book for dog lovers of all ages, grandparents or parents reading to young children and beginner readers! The book works as an educational tool teaching upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Each letter is paired with the name of a specific dog breed (ex. Hh - Hound, Jj - Jack Russell, etc.). A spoken "Hello" from the dog's perspective is followed by 3 to 4 rhyming sentences. Each two-page spread features one or two beautiful photographs. An interactive question is asked at the end that directly relates to the written words or pictures. This prompts the reader and listeners to converse, question and think about each dog, breed, letter and image.

Signed by the Artist: $50 + S&H
(follow link to CONTACT the artist to purchase a personalized copy of the book)

Online from  $60 + S&H
(follow this link to preview interactively & purchase an unsigned copy of the book )







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